Flipped Classroom Value vs. Non-Value Examples

Flipping is an excellent tool. Learn why and when to flip your classroom.

Value Added Examples:

  1. Demonstrating complex processes
  2. Standard work based on learning outcomes of customers (employers)
  3. Weekly assessments
  4. Short lectures with interactive learning activities
  5. 5 S labs with little time wasted looking for materials
  6. Lab stations spaced out and planned for maximum student use
  7. Experiential/hands-on learning
  8. Starting on time
  9. Organizing material that is needed for success from which is optional or supplemental
  10. Planning and designing each learning plan to maximize the learning experience

Non-Value Added Examples:

  1. Lecturing about textbook (basic) definitions
  2. Ambiguous learning outcomes and learning not relevant to employers
  3. Mid-term and final exams only
  4. Long boring lectures
  5. Time wasted looking for lab materials
  6. Time wasted standing around in lab
  7. Time spent reading out of a textbook or from a PowerPoint/set of lecture notes
  8. Starting late
  9. Content in class or on-line that is not clearly labeled as needed or supplemental
  10. Teaching without a plan or true design/ teaching from unedited publisher materials

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