Drab to Fab… Trades Industry Tours

During those tried times of delivering the ‘boring’ chunks of curriculum in your class have you ever had a student question whether the topic was relative to what they will see in industry?

As instructors, sometimes we are shocked to think that a student would doubt the content’s current validity.

Get the students off their seat and on the production floor..

Our trades related industries have a wide variety of jobs and functions, it’s very easy for a student to think that something he/she is learning, is either out dated or not relative to their future job. They attend our classroom in an attempt absorb every bit of information that we deliver, or do they?

As instructors, sometimes we are shocked to think that a student would doubt our content’s validity. To help reduce the doubting attitude of students, take tours of a business within your local industry. During those curriculum chunks that are dull and miserable this will help highlight a topic and validate its existence. As students walk through the businesses they will witness processes that utilize elements of the particular topic. Sometimes the particular topic is dated, however it still helped build the foundation for new technologies. This visual confirmation will help the information sink in and bring a sense of fulfillment to the table.

Don’t have time for an industry tour?

Bring the industry to your classroom through the web. Most companies have great websites that will advertise to their customers what there capabilities are. Linking to the website through blackboard content can also help a group of students see that a particular topics are still relative. Many Trades oriented students learn more efficiently through real life experiences rather than a textbook.

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