What’s Your Theme?

Ever hear a song on the radio and think, “Wow, they’re singing about my life!”  Find out how helping your students find their groove tune can improve their attitude in the classroom… 

van halen 1984001

Music to Move You

Physical Therapy is all about movement.  The students in the Physical Therapist Assistant program this year have several musically talented people in their cohort.  During lab or downtime, they like to play music from their iPods while they work.  They also have had to create exercise routines for clients that they have put to music to help the clients keep in rhythm and get their heart rates up.

I am asking each student to pick a song that they like that is their “theme song” for getting through the program.  I will be combining them onto a CD that I can play for them when music is called for.  When they are having a rough week or grinding out a long study session, they will have lots of motivational, inspirational songs to sing them through the blues.  I plan to give them each a copy of the CD for graduation in the Spring, so that they will always remember the music of their days as student PTA’s.

One thought on “What’s Your Theme?

  1. We do this in leadership classes all the time but never thought of it for the classroom. GREAT idea, especially for the musical learners!

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