You are Invited

Heart Math

What:  IA: Techniques in Math Party
When:  Insert your First Day of Class
Where: Insert your classroom
Why: To Celebrate you, math and our class

First Day of Math Class Activity

Within the Instructional Assistant Program, students are required to take a General Studies Math course and the IA: Techniques in Math class.  This course was offered accelerated in person over 7 weeks.  It is a course to teach potential instructional assistants how to support students with math.   Students new the course was coming and started grumbling about the upcoming math course.   What could I do to make my students as excited about math as I am?

How about a math party?

Before class starts

Before class started, I emailed and mailed out to my students an invitation to the math party.  Which included the logistics of the party as well as the requirement that they had to bring with them on the first day, their favorite “child approved” game.  Optional to bring, their favorite party “child approved” snack.

During Party (First Day of Class)

As students arrived, I had party music playing for them, snacks, and several of my board games from home.  Students broke up into groups of three to four students to introduce themselves and share the game they brought.  They played the games and reflected on the game they brought and how it reinforced math.

One thought on “You are Invited

  1. Love your ideas Tracy! It gets me thinking about the beginning of my classes next week! Really creative and great ideas for engagement!!

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