Avoid being sea-sick

Your students can navigate through the turbulent waters of your course and not become sea-sick!  Try this assessment.

Name ___________________________ Course _________ Grade ______


SEA = Self-evaluation assessment: 1 = idling and 10 = accelerating; give yourself a number for each of these 10 criteria (aligned with the 7 core abilities) for your personal evaluation; this survey will be handed in, and I will also evaluate you for each one as well so we can compare our results. This SEA = self-evaluation assessment will be given during classes 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15 or 3 and 6 in accelerated classes. If your self-evaluation progressively improves this should be an indication of progress, success, and satisfaction with your learning process and the degree that you value this course.

____1. Attendance – effort made
(demonstrates personal accountability) — core ability

____2. Overall attitude, motivation, and valuing of the course
(thinking critically and creatively) – core ability

____3. Active participation – periodic to regular contributions to the class discussion and equally important in your small groups – no slackers allowed!
(works cooperatively and professionally)

____4. Reading and other assignments completed when assigned
(demonstrates personal accountability) – core ability

____5. Mental presence and focus on the topic being discussed
(solves problems effectively) – core ability
____6. Has unconditional positive regard and respect for others
(values individual differences) – core ability

____7. Greater understanding of oneself – who am I?
(thinking critically and creatively) – core ability

____8. Connecting learning to life – tools for the journey
(communicates community and global accountability) – core ability

____9. Listening to and respecting others – what can I learn from you?
(communicates effectively) – core ability

____10. Greater understanding of the subject matter; intellectual humility
(thinking critically and creatively) – core ability
Add up your total points from numbers 1 through 10

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