What Matters to Our Male Students of Color

How do we motivate men of color and help them feel welcome at our college?

In the first day of class, he said “You are starting this course with an A. Don’t lose your A,” and that stuck with me.

At the DREAM conference, we saw an amazing video on this subject. 

The Center for Community College Student Engagement (CCCSE) interviewed students from across the country for the past two years to find out what is happening to men of color at community colleges (see their full report).

What matters to these students?

  • Personal connections – Find ways to make these students feel like they belong and that you sincerely care about them and believe that they can succeed.
  • High expectations – Drive them to succeed by holding them to high expectations and reminding them that you believe they can reach them.
  • Instructor qualities – Students respond to instructors who love what they teach and love the learners.
  • Engagement – Students want contextualized, hands-on learning and group involvement.

Try to look for ways to increase these qualities in your classrooms.

4 thoughts on “What Matters to Our Male Students of Color

  1. What struck me about each of the student testimonials we heard at the Dream Conference (truly the highlight for me) was the impact that one person had on their success–an advisor who listened, a staff member who walked them to the right office, a faculty member who sat down and talked to them. It is one student at a time!

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