Accelerated Student Success–The Handy Checklist

When packing 15 weeks of content into a 7-week package, the average student in an accelerated course may need some extra help now and then remembering what items remain on their plate. While the syllabus offers the course calender with due dates, an additional assignment checklist may be just the ticket for instructors seeking quality resources for their learners.

The checklist below (Formatting looks much different outside of this document) is a very basic tool that I use for accelerated English Composition courses. While it may seem obvious or elementary, I have found that many students have noted value in it. Basic checklists such as this help students to visualize the finish line. They also feel an almost constant gratification and sense of accomplishment because they are so regularly checking items off of the list (in the actual document, there are check-off boxes to the left of each assignment rather than bullet points). It really feels good to make that check mark, and see the “To Do” list dwindle.


English Composition Assignment Checklist

  •           Syllabus Contract
  •           Journal #1 (Introduction)
  •           Grammar Activities 21, 22, 29
  •           Journal #2 (Freewrite)
  •          Grammar Activities 30, 32
  •           Journal #3 (Writing Process)
  •          Grammar Activities 34, 35, 36
  •          Timed Essay
  •          Grammar Activities 16, 17, 18, 20, Glossary
  •          Journal #4 (Words and Sentences)
  •         Grammar Activities 38, 39, 40, 41
  •         Journal #5 (Writing Process for Def/Example Essay
  •         Example Definition Essay Revision Group/Rough Draft
  •         Example Definition Final Draft
  •         Grammar Activities 42, 43, 44, 46, 47
  •         Journal #6 (Writing Process for Comp/Contrast Essay)
  •         Comp/Contrast Essay Revision Group/Rough Draft
  •         Comp/Contrast Essay Final Draft
  •         Journal #7 (Quoting/Paraphrasing)
  •         Journal #8 (Summary/Critical Analysis)
  •         Journal #9 (Research Paper Topic Proposal)
  •         Grammar Activities 48, 49, 50
  •         Annotated Bibliography Revision Group/Rough Draft
  •         Annotated Bibliography Final Draft
  •         Journal #10 (Writing Process for Research Paper)
  •         Research Paper Rough Draft/Individual Conference
  •         Research Paper Final Draft  
  •         Professionalism Rubric

2 thoughts on “Accelerated Student Success–The Handy Checklist

  1. Though it might appear to be elementary, there is definitely a benefit if it helps them to stay on track. I recently was reading an article where the author referred to her ‘to do ‘ list as an “accomplishment list” because everytime she checked off an item, she accomplished it!

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