The TEAM Scholarship

The Communication Skills Team Scholarship is a source of pride for team members on the 3rd floor of the Student Center.

As a team, we’ve created and fund a $500 scholarship for students in the General Studies Tranfer program. This year, we have enough money in the pot to offer two scholarships. It feels great to make such a very tangible difference for students. What’s really incredible about this, however, is that this scholarship is funded because each team member gives (literally) a buck or two out of each paycheck. It is nearly impossible to even miss that handful of quarters. That $500, on the other hand, may feel like quite a windfall for a deserving student.

Most faculty members at NWTC already give money to the foundation. The percentage of those who give is really quite incredible.

As a specific outreach to a student in your program, however, I wonder if your team will consider creating your own scholarship. You pick the criteria for eligibility (Based on need? Based on grades within program classes? Based on another type of merit? Based on an essay?), the dollar amount, how often the funds are dispersed, etc. Then, some student in your program gets one step closer reaching their academic dream.

Not only is the Team Scholarship great for students, it is team-building as well. Discussions about creating and dispersing the scholarship are enriching, and serve as a constant reminder that in so many ways we are our student’s most important resource. It feels awfully good to remember that once in a while.

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