Sharks Eat Up Innovation in the Workplace!



Leadership and Business students Mike Stencil, Michael Cadena, Becky Bancroft, Katie Collins, Mike Kane, Cathei Mincheski, Sarah Reetz and Jasmine VandenEng created completely unique products and saw them all the way to their own Shark Tank feeding frenzie last week on the NWTC Green Bay Campus.  What an interesting and innovative assessment!

Sharks included three current bankers Tavie Folk, the Assistant Manager of Northshore’s Howard office, Lisa Sment, the Manager of Northshore’s GB East office, and Kerri Collins, Vice President and District Manager of Northshore Bank here in Green Bay – and Jo Clark, former banker with US Bank and now a customer service specialist at Thrivent. What a powerhouse of talent.

The competencies?

  • Create a novel product or service that is unique. Create a Unique Value Proposition.
  • Conduct your market research and analysis
  • Establish your Target Market
  • Demonstrate that this is more than an idea – that it is a real opportunity using tested financial tools (cash flow and break even analysis
  • Create your World-Class elevator pitch
  • And present to the sharks.

Wow, you wouldn’t believe what came out of this class:

  1. A totally unique family-operated trucking firm that takes service to a whole new level
  2. A building in Marinette that houses a full array of spa tenants (one stop shopping)
  3. A window shade that lets your child sleep peacefully through the night
  4. A calendar that allows you and your family to “un-plug” for one hour every day
  5. An “Angie’s List” for holistic, non-traditional health options for those dealing with pain
  6. A time savings custom health food option that gives substitutions for meals on the go
  7. A hands-free device that allows smart phone operators to use the full array of their phones potential hands and vision free
  8. A “break glass in the case of rapture” salvation product

To learn more, send me a message at This is not your typical brainstorming class. And the sharks loved it!

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