Get a Grip!


How can students avoid being blind-sided by assignments and exams?                                                          

As students begin their program nursing courses, they are usually overwhelmed with the myriad of assignments and due dates. They have often been working full-time and fitting in their prerequisites with fair success. Then they have to transition to focusing on at least three very demanding courses at once. To help them see the big picture, I prepare an 11 X 17  paper calendar of the semester for them, and they can fill in not only due dates and exams, but more importantly their study times.  Too often they think linearly and only see what comes next. Many students have found this “old-fashioned” way helps them see the big picture, and not get caught when they turn a month page on their calendar and find something huge staring them in the face.  While this especially appeals to those who are not digital natives, it can also show those using electronic calendars how to set up their own versions. 


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