15 weeks and Lean

When the Machine Tool Team was faced with the task of fitting 17 weeks of curriculum in 15 weeks, we knew we had to do something different.

We decided to go Lean by implementing Lean principles in the lab.

  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Point of use
  • 5S

are just a few of the Lean Principles used by the team to streamline our delivery methods.

Value stream mapping enabled us to identify value added processes and non-value added processes. We identified some redundancies in our curriculum and some wasted time used in locating tools and materials.

The 5S process removed obsolete items from our lab and organized our inventory. After the 5S we identified where tools and materials are most frequently used and located these materials at or near these locations.

This whole process reduced wasted steps and searches and freed up more time for both the learner to work on projects and provided instructors more time for delivery.

One thought on “15 weeks and Lean

  1. Jim, Possibly other program will turn to Lean to help reduce the non-value added time, allowing them to focus on the skills they need to develop. Thank you for sharing. Mark

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