Student Employ-ability Skills


In the Civil Engineering Technology program every winter usually in February we require the students to participate in mock interviews.

It is learning experience for the students to help them refine their interview skills for obtaining an internship for the first year students and a

full time job for the second year students.We invite in about 10 employers from industry to participate in the half day event.  The employers create a job posting and then the students relate their resume to the position. The students sign up for a least two interviews.  The interviews last 20 minutes and then the last 10 minutes the interviewer gives the student some feedback on their interview skills and resume, both positive and negative.  The students dress for the part, shirt and tie, we mostly have males in our program.

After the interviews are over everyone, employers, staff and students participate in an open forum of questions and answers.  The discussion covers how the students did, areas of improvement, the good and bad in interviewing.  It tends to be a pretty lively discussion and you see the different styles of how the employers treat interviewing.  The student fill out an evaluation of the process and we review to help improve the process from year to year.



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