2nd Semester Clinical Boot Camp

It has been noted by nursing faculty that students returning to school for their 2nd semester clinical often are not able to competently perform the Basic Nursing skills that they learned the previous semester. In this case, the students had the summer off. The clinical rotation will be in the acute care setting and requires that the students come prepared with confidence and competence with those nursing skills. The idea of a Nursing Clinical Boot Camp was created. With another faculty member, we created the following activities:

Have students arrive for the Boot Camp in appropriate clinical uniform and appearance.

One instructor collaborated with the students to review a Case scenario with care plan development, low tech, paper and pencil. The feedback from the students was that they wanted more.

One instructor created a scenario utilizing the simulation mannikin:

1. Hospital Room or Horrors – the situation is created to simmulate potential safety issues in the patient room in a hospital and the students have to assess the patient and identify areas of concern, working collaboratively and correcting the deficiencies.

2. Simulation- mannikin with make-up and wig. Case scenario developed including patient history, medications, laboratory values. An order set from the provider. Student had to do the following basic skills: oxygen delivery devices, incentive spirometry, respiratory inhaler with use of a spacer device, IV therapy utilizing an infusion pump, insertion of a foley catheter, vital signs, assessment of heart/lungs. The scenario included abnormal findings which directly related to the patient history and the current condition.

3. One student was the charge nurse and delegated to the other team members to facilitate completion of the provider orders.

4. Instruction related to Low Molecular Weight Heparin Injection, needle gauges, use of a Carpuject, use of a cryo-cuff.

5. The Nursing Academic Coach also spoke with the students about her role, how to access her Blackboard site, as well as other tutoring sessions with a student tutor.

One suggestion was to include Nasogastric Tube care in future sessions. That can easily be accomplished on the first day of their clinical orientation.

The students showed enthusiasm and were very appreciative of the sessions presented. Both instructors felt the time was used wisely and effectively.

Rhonda McClain

Nursing Faculty

Marinette Campus

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