Checking In So They Don’t Check Out

I had been thinking about the classroom evaluation that students fill out at the end of the semester. If students realize that their input may facilitate positive change for future students of the course, many of them may earnestly make suggestions. If an instructor looks at those comments honestly and attempts to make the course better based on the feedback, the system really works well.

I realized at some point that I want to also make positive changes for the students in the current class, and that much of their feedback may feel more relevant since it relates to them specifically. Beyond the everyday CATS that also play a role in checking the temperature and determining what medicines to prescribe (or keep prescribing), I thought it might be interesting to administer a version of the Course Evaluation in the middle of the class, so that there may still be time to make positive changes that will impact current students.

What I found was that the feedback is much more specific. Further, students respond well when they see their instructor making an effort to react to the feedback. They feel valued, and take a stronger ownership in the course going forward.

I realize I am not exactly re-inventing the wheel here, but I know that the thought process was a good reminder for me.

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