Emotional Intelligence

I was sitting in one of our values sessions the other day on emotional intelligence. We teach this concept in a couple of our classes in the Leadership Program. It got me thinking about how we have to also reinforce this concept not only in ourselves but in our students.

The soft skills areas are one of the most challenging; especially with the already packed curriculum in all of our programs. How do we justify teaching this valuable skill to our students? Can we integrate the concepts into our every day teaching? Can we coach our students when we see opportunities or situations where they are not using the best emotional intelligence?  We can and we should! It is about being aware of our own E.I. and using that to our advantage. Share experiences where you were not so “emotionally intelligent.” Soft skills in combination with the hard skills assists are students in being a well-rounded and successful employee.

I was also thinking about how E.I. relates to what we are teaching in college 101.

8 Choices of Successful Students

  • Accept personal responsibility-seeing themselves as the primary cause of their outcomes and experiences.
  • Discover self-motivation-finding purpose in their lives by discovering personally meaningful goals and dreams.
  • Master selfmanagement-consistently planning and taking purposeful actions in pursuit of their goals and dreams.
  • Employ interdependence-building mutually supportive relationships that help achieve their goals and dream (while helping others do the same).
  • Gain self-awareness-consciously employing behaviors, beliefs and attitudes that keep them on course.
  • Adopt lifelong learning-finding valuable lessons and wisdom in nearly every experience they have.
  • Develop emotional intelligence-effectively managing their emotions in support of their goals and dreams.
  • Believe in themselves-seeing themselves as capable, loveable, and unconditionally worthy human beings.

All of the 8 choices can be related to the 5 Pillars of Emotional Intelligence; Self Awareness, Self-regulation, Motivation, Empathy, and Social Skills! I hung a poster outlining the 8 choices in my class room. I refer back to it when a situation warrants.

So as you begin to reinforce what students learn in college 101 remember that hard skills get jobs and soft skills keep jobs!

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