Garden Walk and Technology

Would you like an idea for creating a kinesthetic classroom assessment activity w/ technology?


  1.  Students provided w/ poster paper and given assessment to complete and then hang up their poster (with a time limit).  They are creating “their garden”
  2. Students are then told they are going to go on a “Garden Walk” to visit other gardens.  They move as a group to the next poster (visit the garden) and add any additional information to this poster. (Again a time limit is provided)
  3.  This continues until all “gardens have been visited”
  4. The group returns to their original poster “garden” and now view what other ideas or “plants” have been added to the garden.
  5. As a facilitator I can quickly add any other key concepts
  6. A member of the group uses their smart phone and captures a photo of the poster and then emails to all students through Blackboard

I used this process during class with students developing priority plans of care for a patient scenario they received.  Here is an example of one of the posters they photographed and sent to their peers.



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