Have you ever asked a question in class and got the Deer in headlights response? Did you ever look out into your classroom during a presentation and feel that the class just wasn’t Sleeping “with” you….. Do the same students always raise their hands to participate in class discussions?  This semester I had the opportunity to pilot a presentation tool called Nearpod Picture1  This presentation tool not only allows you to organize your presentations, but students are given a join code so that they can follow along using the internet or other Smart Technology (phone app).  Picture2  With Nearpod, I was able to attach pdf files, Google Documents, and pictures, take students to related websites, survey students and the feature I was most interested in, participating in open-ended discussion questions.  Like a “live” online discussion board.  All students are “forced” to participate in class discussion.  I was then able to select individual student thoughts to use. Challenges from the trenches: Not being able to use Google Documents unless students also have Google Account. It does take time at first to introduce students to Nearpod application/program Only one presentation is free.  Otherwise small monthly or yearly fee.   With paid subscription you are able to email presentation to students. You Tube videos are played individually on technology so videos started around the room at different times.  Just showed on main screen. Check it out for yourself Feel free to contact me if you want to learn more!

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