Morphing the Complex Change Model Into the Complete Assignment Model.

The “Model for Managing Complex Change” has been one of the most beneficial concepts that I learned in college. It basically states that in order to get “Change”, whatever that may be for you, you need a Vision, Skills, Incentives, Resources and a Plan. Failing to have any of the previous five ingredients will cause you to have a different outcome.

If you’re missing a vision, you will end up with confusion. If you’re missing skills, you end up with Anxiety. If you’re missing Incentives, you end up with Gradual Change. If you’re missing Resources, you get Frustration and if you don’t have a plan, you get false starts. Upon revisiting this, I had to wonder if I could use it as a primer to help students complete assignments. I’m going to start small and use it as a review in class for several assignments and see how it goes. Watch for more posts on this as I attain publishable data.

One thought on “Morphing the Complex Change Model Into the Complete Assignment Model.

  1. Yes, I would suggest that you use it with you students; I have been using this model with my thinking critically and creatively students so as to avoid errors in critical thinking. Some of the students have requested a copy to give to their supervisors at work; and I have shared this model with some of the Deans at NWTC.

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