The student survey

One practice that I utilize in the classroom is the “after test” survey. I hand out an anonymous survey along with assessments that only include four questions. The timing of this survey is very important, as right after the assessment emotions are usually high. The questions assess a student’s thoughts on test difficulty, their level of preparedness, instructors delivery and changes they would like to see be made. Upon collecting the surveys I openly discuss the results and make appropriate changes. I, as well as the students, find this flexibility quite refreshing. It allows me to make changes that will affect the students in class now, not just in the future. I definitely want to know if I am not meeting needs, as I feel that it is unethical not to meet their needs in my role as their instructor. The students also become active participants in their own education, as they see that I do take their concerns seriously and they have the ability to change the feel and flow of the course to better fit their learning style.

Student “after test” survey

Instructions: Please honestly answer all questions. Do not put your name on this document, rather your lecture day/time.

  1. Rate/comment on this test. Was it easy, fair, hard, or impossible? Why?





  1. Did you feel prepared for this test? If so/not, why?





  1. Did your instructor communicate the material well? What was done well and what can be improved on?






  1. If you could change anything in this course, what would you change and why?


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