Bacteria, Virus, and Transmission: Oh My!

So we all know that handwashing is the best way to prevent the spread of infection..then why does infection persist- especially in healthcare? This activity is really hands on and helps students to understand how important it is to follow protocol and actually do it!

344778240_1020639154_YuckyFace2_0015_WEB_answer_1_xlarge_answer_2_xlargeYou will need a  food item like a container of yogurt, pudding, or applesauce and a spoon. Give one student the spoon and container and tell them to take a bite; then tell the next student to take a bite….but STOP them if they really will! They will be horrified that you would ask them to eat off the same spoon without washing it first (or so we hope), use this as an opportunity to demonstrate how nasty it is to touch one patient in ways that healthcare workers do and then go forth to touch someone else without first washing your hands! EWW!

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