A strong cohort equals student success


A very successful cohort

A very successful cohort

How would you like to be part of a group of people, who share the same goals, help each other achieve those goals, and build long-lasting relationships while doing so? In this environment you have partners that you can share ideas with, exchange information and recourses and have a strong support group.

Am I talking about IPA?……NO……


The educational cohort model we use here at NWTC provides the students with all the advantages mentioned above. But as an instructor, I can help build and create a successful cohort by doing some easy and simple things. One, I make it clear the first day that WE are in this together. WE are the group, the learners, the cohort. We must include me.

We will introduce ourselves; I will ask about their interests, why they chose this program, do they have any experience in the field of machining. I tell them about myself and what I expect of them in this program.

Every year we will have a few cookouts outside, behind the lab, where everyone brings something. These events build a stronger cohort and it’s also plain old fun.

The relationships the students build will last well past graduation. They network with one another, help find employment for each other and recommend a friend, cousin, or younger brother to sing up for the program.

A group of students in a program, taking the same classes, and doing this together does not make a productive cohort. As instructors we can help make it a quality, productive and worthwhile cohort which only can improve the success of our students. When this tight-knit cohort starts to take shape, my job changes thru the year, from instructor to coach.

Students that have strong skill sets in different areas will teach each other, share their knowledge, and learn together. When I observe this happening in the lab, I know I have accomplished something that will aid them throughout their career.

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