Individual/Group Research Activity

Individual/Group Research Activity

Sometimes the thought of doing a “Research Paper” can put fear in students.  For this research assignment I try to make the research fun by not requiring an extensive written paper along with the research.

Scared People

Quite often, I have topics I want to discuss in class that do not have clear cut answers and the research can be ambiguous.

For topics such as this I have students do their own research on these topics and bring to class a print out of their article and a short paper summarizing their research information.

The students seem to really enjoy the research part of this assignment when it is not connected to a major written paper.  I then put them in groups and give them time to discuss what they found with each other. Instead of having the students present to the class as a group I have one student from each group tell the class what their group found – what was interesting or what was unique.

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