Organizations aren’t just for clubs anymore

Need a quick and easy way to reach multiple students?  A place to publish important program specific information? Make life easier by using the Organization feature on Blackboard!The Medical Assistant Program has four cohorts running year around and the CPB MA program has an additional three.  The Program needed a way to communicate with all MA students simply and easily and to distribute program specific information in a quick and reliable fashion.  The solution was to develop Medical Assistant Program and Career Pathways Bridge MA Program Organizations on Blackboard.

The MA Program Organization provides students with program related information such as policy changes, HCSR certificate information, and MA Recognition week.  It also displays Instructor Availability for the semester.  Instructors post their office hours and open lab hours for all MA students to utilize regardless of cohort or class roster. The MA Program organization also serves to communicate and organize Service Learning opportunities.  New service learning opportunities are posted and announced to all students so everyone has an equal opportunity to sign up.

The CPB MA Program Organization is set up very similar.  It has pre-program related information such as the Handbook and Benchmarks.  It provides instructors an opportunity to reach all cohorts at once or specific cohorts of students.

Blackboard Organizations are very easy to set up and maintain.  The appearance can be set to look just like your course shells.  Cohorts can be designated in the email function to allow for greater flexibility in communication.  Plus it only take a few minutes at the beginning of each semester to update the student user list.  Bottom line – good tool, easy to use, great results.


3 thoughts on “Organizations aren’t just for clubs anymore

  1. If you want an organization created using Blackboard Community, then create a Help Desk ticket. The request should include the name, an ID (by default the spaces in the name will be replaced with underscores), and indicate the enrollment options you want. The enrollment options are either Leader or Self enrollment. Leader enrollment can also include the option to allow Students to Email Enrollment Requests to the Leader. Self enrollment can also include an access code.

    Note that the ID can not be edited after the Organization is created. All other options are editable.

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