I first leaned about this during Teaching Methods 2.0 class. My brother used it again for a presentation at a family gathering. This is a fun, free interactive site you can use with your students. It can create fun, competitive quizzes. It’s a game-based classroom response system. It is easy-to-use, inclusive, and highly engaging.

It is easy-to-use, inclusive, and highly engaging.

All they need is a smart phone, computer/laptop, or an iPad. I would have to say, it’s one of the best class response system that I have seen. Here is the web link: https://getkahoot.com/

I highly encourage you to check this out and use it in class if you are thinking about do some type of fun quiz/survey in your class. Here is also a tutorial about it that you can view: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFFv6_6was4

You won’t regret it! Enjoy!

One thought on “KAHOOT!

  1. I have used Kahoot for exam review games with smaller classes, or groups of students. They really have fun with it, and several students have commented they learned more from it than the Jeopardy games I’ve sometimes used for exam reviews. In fact, last week in class I reminded my students we had an exam review the following week. One student asked, “Do we get to play that trivia game?” When I said yes, quite a few responded, “YEA!!”

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