Lab Rats!

Wouldn’t you love to win the coveted Lab Rat of the Week Award? Sure you would, if you were in my Basic Skills Nursing class!

I created this new award so that students could recognize one another for being role models in learning from their lab time.  Each year there is a time lag before students realize that the more time (effective time!) they put into lab practice, the more successful they are. My plan is to have students vote on this weekly, so it will not be someone the instructor has chosen. I believe it will help them become more focused on professional behaviors as well. What constitutes the award?  This really cool certificate, and the traveling lab rat stuffed animal.  What more could a person want?


Presented to:

In recognition of excellence in:


Efficient purposeful learning

Willingness to work with fellow students to reach skill goals

Courtesy toward all students and faculty

“Leave no trace” ethics in tidiness

I’ll post again later with student feedback.  In the meantime, anyone for some cheese?

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