Flipped Learning Ideas

Want a fun flipped learning activity that gets your students up and moving as they learn?  I recently used an activity in a couple of different classes that my students seemed to enjoy.

For lack of a better name, I guess we could call it the “Human Timeline” or maybe the “Human Puzzle.”  In one class, students will be required to list the 10 steps in a jury trial from start to finish on an exam.  So I printed each step on its own sheet of paper and handed them out randomly to students.  They had 30 seconds to put themselves in the correct order.  Then they had to explain to me what each step involved.  Students did extremely well on this exam question!

In another class, students are required to use correct legal citation form, which involves many different components (including punctuation).  Again, I had each component (including some commas and a period) on a separate sheet of paper, and also had some erroneous components.  We went through several different types of citations.  Sometimes everyone participated; other times we had one or two “judges” who decided if the order was correct.  One other time, the “judges” had to place the students in the proper order.

For larger classes, this could be done with 2 or more groups that then face each other and decide if they all got the correct order.  There are many variations on this activity, and it’s fun!

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