Knowledge Exhibition: Classroom Engagement Strategy

Do you want to try something fun and educational?  The Knowledge Exhibition is a way to do both!

Students are asked to form teams, review learning plan topics, and create a poster using flip-chart paper.  The poster will include topical information with:

  1. Colorful Graphics
  2. Zero to seven words
  3. One personal or professional contextualized example

Each team is also asked to neatly and thoroughly take notes on their topic, which they will use when presenting to their student colleagues, and as a study helpmate.

The completed visuals are displayed around the classroom.  Students move about the classroom to each knowledge station.  Each team acts as a host to their completed visual by exhibiting it to the class, and sharing information beyond what they have captured on the poster so that their colleagues can walk away “in the know”.

Classmates arrive at each station (other than their own) and take notes on the information posted, replicate diagrams, and ask questions to their “in the know” colleagues.

This classroom activity provides students with an opportunity to contextualize their topic by applying it to their lives.  Furthermore, the Knowledge Exhibition is a kinesthetic and cognitive activity that asks that each student create, move, share, and reflect.

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