It’s Show Time!

1099375-Clipart-Movie-Camera-Filming-Over-A-Rainbow-Splatter-And-Film-Reels-297x300       Happy Performance Evaluation season!

Last year, when the new evaluation system went into place for faculty, I tried to think of a creative way to showcase everything that I had done the past year for my supervisor. Rather than bring in a binder full of evidence or a folder packed full of paperwork, I decided to create a Camtasia video to showcase the evidence of my work.

The Camtasia video is simply a moving electronic portfolio! As an online instructor, one of the best ways to “show” my students something is to create a Camtasia video, so I thought why not “show” my supervisor evidence that showcased my performance over the past year. Giving my supervisor access to the “show” prior to my performance evaluation meeting allowed him to review it at his convenience and allowed us to have a very effective meeting.

It may be too late for this year’s performance evaluation, but for next year, start now thinking about how you can organize your “show”! It’s a wonderful way to showcase the great work that you are doing for our students and how you are meeting your professional goals for the year. Next year at this time, let your supervisor enjoy the show…maybe even throw in some popcorn!


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