“More hands on” it said.

When I contemplate teaching strategies for my Nursing skills class, I review the information the student give me on the Learner Feedback form.  Granted some student fill them out with little thought involved, and some do it and are very vague simply inferring that they want something more, a change, or something else in the presentation of the materials.  Occasionally, the information is clear, they want “more hands on”.  So I am setting out to give them that.

The nursing skills course involved demonstrating the skills to the student and having them complete a performance assessment task return demonstrating their competency.  I  have added practice time with the specific equipment in the following Learning Plans.

  • Trach suction kits
  • Trach tie application
  • Priming of IV tubing
  • These are in addition to several hands on demo’s that already are in the course

The hands on time, allows  students to bond, engage in peer learning, problem solving and promotes some comradery for the students.  The results in the previous semester have been positive.  As I approach these 2 learning plans in the next few weeks, I look forward to seeing the impact the “more hands on” activities will present.


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