What Would You Do?

Suppose you have been hired as a wellness specialist by a mid-sized company. Despite the work site’s clean exterior and neat appearance, your environmental assessment reveals that the work environment is unhealthy due to wide-scale smoking, vending machines filled with junk food, and cramped work areas. Your supervisor asks you to recommend specific changes to improve the work environment. What Would You Do?

In the classroom I like to use What Would You Do? (WWYD) activities, like the above example. These are activities that focus on a particular situation the student will likely face in his / her professional career. When implementing the WWYD activities you can use a variety of tactics:

  • Structure some portion of the weekly instruction or out-of-class assignment around a particular WWYD exercise.
  • Use a WWYD exercise as an end-of-the-chapter platform for individual students or teams to use for in-class or online discussions, presentations, debates, and so forth.
  • Use a WWYD exercise (or an adaptation) as a possible exam question.
  • Consider having students critique the relevance or applicability of a particular WWYD scenario in various professional settings (i.e. industry, size, locations).

Perhaps you have other options that you’d like to explore in using the WWYD exercise. Whatever they might be, I encourage you to use your imagination to get the most from each WWYD exercise.

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