Why Wellness?

Research shows that a student’s health directly affects his or her educational achievement and capacity to learn (Mcglynn, 2004). The Wellness and Health Promotion students at NWTC complete a variety of courses to foster their own personal wellness growth.

In discovering their own journey towards wellness, these students will be better equipped for being professionals in the field and more adequately prepared to guide others towards making healthy lifestyle choices. By discovering and sharing their own success stories, the students have become a motivating and supportive cohort. They are living examples of the program.

My challenge to you as faculty is to be sure to promote health and wellness not only in your everyday life, but also to your students. Simple things, such as offering positive stress management techniques for students, or encouraging school/life balance can go a long way in regard to student success. Students who are in touch with the various dimensions of wellness will have a greater likelihood of persistence in all areas of their lives.

Healthy Schools, Healthy Students. Mcglynn, Cindy. CrossCurrents – The Journal of Addiction and Mental Health, Autumn, 2004, Vol.8(1), p.14(2)


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