Citations Made (too??) Easy


While re-working course outlines and PowerPoint presentations, I was looking for an easy way to add citations for both personal use as well as for publishing materials publicly on Blackboard, YouTube, etc.  Previously, I was a user of EndNote, a program that allows you to manage scholarly resources and insert citations with ease into documents produced using Microsoft Word.  EndNote works very well but is a program that must be purchased after an intial 30 day trial period.  I do not have EndNote on my NWTC computer.

Recently, after a simple Google search, I found Mendeley.  It is easy to use and has a web based as well as a downloadable program based interface.  These two options sync with one another easily and seem to have all of the same functionality of my old favorite – EndNote.  Mendeley also offers a Microsoft Word plug-in.  The major advantage of Mendeley is the price.  It is free!

So far, I have found Mendeley to be easy to use.  I highly recommend it to both you and your students.  If you would like to give it a try, here is the website:

Kindest Regards,

Marc Ditty

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