Will this ever get “easy”?????

Hi again!

Last year, I wrote about my feelings as to starting my first live theory class.  I just finished re-reading that and caught myself smiling and shaking my head.  It is amazing how one grows over the course of one year.  I will be beginning my third year of teaching now and thus entering my third year of IPA.  Reflecting back over the time since I began as a full-time instructor, I can say that IPA has proven to be beneficial to my development as an educator.  I will admit that there were times I would think “Oh no, I have IPA again”, but there were many others that I thought “I have IPA again”.  My cohort is great and we all seem to be very receptive and supportive to one another.  I have collaborated with several individuals to make my teaching/clinicals better or to even run ideas past one another thus getting an unbiased opinion.  As I progress along in my time at NWTC, I am picking up more and more responsibilities.  This coming semester, I have another new class—Pharmacology.  While it scares the heck out of me and conjures up “bad” memories from my pharmacology course, I am excited.  My mind continually thinks, “how can I take this course and make it fun”, “how can I take this course and get my students engaged”, “how can I help my students be successful”, and how can I make it better than my pharmacology class was? I am fortunate to have some colleagues who are great and willing to assist me or let me bounce ideas off of them!  I can’t help but ask though…..will this ever get “easy”?!  Maybe, maybe not….only time will tell!

One challenge to it getting easier and that I will admit too, is that I still struggle with saying “no” and it is something I hope to work on this year.  It is ok to say no to some things, I do not want to be overwhelmed and I want to be on the top of my game.  We shall see how this goes! 😉

Anyway, I am still excited to be teaching; I know I have found my true calling in life—-I LOVE THIS!  Still smiling since I started, so that is a good thing!  Best of luck to every one this year and I hope your year is successful!

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