Grading Rubrics and Blackboard

I have always used grading rubrics in the discussion board and for written assignments. However, using them during grading was a very cumbersome, manual process. I recently started using the the rubric tool in Blackboard. This awesome feature allows me to build rubrics and attach them to discussion board forums, Blackboard assignments or grade center columns. In Blackboard, rubrics are made up of rows and columns. The rows explain the various criteria of an assignment. The columns correspond to the score assigned to each criterion. A description and point value for each cell in the rubric defines the evaluation and score of an assignment. You can allow students to view the rubric(s) ahead of time so they know exactly how an item will be scored. When assessing student work with the online rubric, you simply select the appropriate level of accomplishment (score, percentage, etc.) for each criteria. The best part is you can add comments to provide much more feedback to the student. Students can then view the assigned score and your comments for their work. If you use the same rubric in more than one class, you can use the copy function in Blackboard to send it to another course. So far, student feedback has been excellent AND it saves me the time of manually attaching a .pdf version of the grading rubric to the Grade Center when grading. A win-win for us all!

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