Collaboration with PTA!

Flipping your classroom?   Try using members of other departments to supplement best practice ideas!   Learn how Nursing and Physical Therapy plan to collaborate this Fall…

Multicolored plasticine human figures concluding a treaty

This semester, my Nursing course, Health Alterations will be collaborating with the Physical Therapy Assistant students for a fun-filled day of learning, demonstrating, and teaching!  This exercise is an attempt at increasing the retention of musculoskeletal (MSK) information for theory and clinical courses.


  • Students will do better on exams and quizzes in Health Alterations as well as be more prepared for second semester clinical.
  • Students will be more engaged in MSK activities/discussion and collaborate with other health care students
  • PTA students will meet the 90% ‘teaching others’ teaching technique with the highest retention of information rate.
  • By having my students be actively involved with ‘experts’ in this field, they will be able to ‘get up and move’ which appeals to the kinesthetic /somatic learners within the SAVI approach.


  • Nursing students will have class in the Apartment on 4th floor of the Health Sciences building
  • After pre-work, Camtasia, short lecture, and group work, PTA students will come to class and demonstrate/teach the Nursing students proper mobility techniques for MSK patients in both clinical and home settings.

What Does This Mean To You?

  • Collaboration with other faculty around campus can be a way to supplement your content using ‘experts’
  • This allows your students to experience other methods of instruction and teaching styles
  • In addition, this collaboration can build relationships and strengthen communication between teams

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