Getting Students to use Services on Campus

Teaching in the last semester students are here on campus, I encourage the students to use career services. When I presented the information in class I had zero students visit the center. The next step was to have someone from career services visit the class which resulted in the same outcome. So the next step was to have the class go to career service to see first hand what they could do to help them find or prepare themselves for the job market.

By doing this it made the students get up and move, participate in the learning and learn exactly where they need to go for the help. Feedback from the students was that they enjoyed going to career services. Even though many of them have been on campus for two or more years over half of them had no idea where career services was located. Better yet, students from my class started using the services they offered to find a job or prepare for an interview.

In a little tighter market students need to show their best side when applying and interviewing. In the end some of the students ended up getting a job because of the help they received at career services. It has been a positive experience for all involved.

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