Helping Nursing Students Understand Clinical Paperwork

Have your wondered how you could better explain clinical paperwork expectations to your nursing students? If you have, you are not alone.


Teaching clinical in the ADN program, we often come across students who just don’t seem to understand the expectations that change through the semesters in relation to clinical paperwork. We may have given lots of written feedback on the work and verbal feedback as we work with the student. However, some still don’t seem to get it. So, what did we do? We showed them.

How you ask?

We used Blackboard. First, a Camtasia Relay was recorded providing a description of the expectations. Then a second recording was done reviewing the finished work of a former student. This recording included the “whys” for the feedback that was provided. In addition to the Camtasia Relays, the student example was posted.

The Results

Even if this is the first semester that we have used this product, we have already heard positive comments from current students. They now have a visual in addition to our verbal/written instructions.

This has also provided a tool for instructors to refer students back to when they are having difficulties related to the paperwork.

An added benefit: This has also proven to be a valuable tool for new part-time instructors working with us for clinical. This provides a guide for them so that we are more consistent in what we are expecting of our students.

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