Game On!

Do your students get stuck or confused on a specific skill or topic?  Do students seem to struggle with just a small concept?  Could they benefit from a fun activity or quick game to reinforce the skill?

As instructors, we have many tools in our toolbox that can be used to assist students in their learning. We have seen many of the great tools that can be used in the classroom, but many are not conducive to online learning. One of the tools that I use often in my online courses are the game templates available at the WISC-online website. Using games as learning activities can help reinforce skills and concepts, in addition to breaking up the monotony of reading so much text online. Interactive learning games help keep online students engaged and motivated.

For those of you who have never used WISC-online to create learning objects or games, it is an easy way to create a unique activity specific to your course content. Create a unique game of baseball, spin-to-win, or tic-tac-toe!

The WISC-online site can be found at:

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