Adjusting to student feedback

Feedback from students is important to make sure that they understand information presented in a way that makes sense to them.  While we may feel the best way to present a topic is a certain way they may not understand the information and need it presented in an alternative way.  At the start of each semester I encourage the students to talk to me if they are having trouble at any point in the semester, but I know that it is a hit or miss expectation based on the comfort level of the student reaching out if they are confused or have a complaint.  I have started to put “check ins” with the classes to see how things are going.  I have them type answers, use blackboard surveys, or one-on-one conversations using specific questions based on classroom management, presentations, and assignments.  This feedback lets me know what they think about the class, what they think works well, and what doesn’t work as well.  Using the information that they provide allows me to adjust throughout the semester to meet the needs of the collective group.  I have found that if they feel their voice is being listened to they become more engaged and take a stronger ownership of their education.  It also helps me stay away from getting stuck in a one-mind track on how to present the topics each time I teach the class.

One thought on “Adjusting to student feedback

  1. As the age-old educational saying goes: “Do you learn how I teach or do I teach how you learn?” or is it a combination of the two give or take individual differences? That is why teaching via the Multiple Intelligence approach can be more effective.

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