Similarities and Differences.

The following group/individual 10 question exercise can be used in class as an ice-breaker – melting away differences or possibly this exercise can be inter-faced with relevant chapters/topics in your course while being built upon the employability skills:

  • Communicate Effectively
  • Work Cooperatively and Professionally
  • Think Critically and Creatively
  • Solve Problems Effectively
  • Value Individual Differences and Abilities
  • Demonstrate Personal Accountability
  • Demonstrate Community and Global Accountability
  1. What are your three greatest values?
  2. What are three qualities or characteristics you want others to know about you?
  3. How did you perceive others who were not like you as you were “growing up?” and what barriers did you erect between yourself and the other person(s) who was perceived to be not like you?
  4. What ideas or thoughts should you keep in mind when you encounter someone who is not like you?
  5. How have your perceptions changed? Positively and/or negatively and why?
  6. Which statement do you agree with and why: “I am different from you OR I am different like you.”
  7. Can you understand and do you agree with the importance of being open-minded when you are interacting with others?
  8. Discuss: “We have way more to learn than what we already know.”
  9. What is your cultural heritage and how does it guide your thinking and behavior at this moment in time?
  10. How similar are we with one another in this class; how many people value what you value; and how do you find out what others value?

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