A & P Fit document

During the Fall 2015 In-Service training, I was struck by an idea.  I felt that many of my students had the desire to succeed in my courses but lacked the tools that they needed in order to do so.

They were reading PowerPoint slides, sometimes watching lecture videos…but that was about it.

They reported working hard in my course, but when I talked with them about what they were doing I found that they were not employing successful strategies.  They were reading PowerPoint slides, sometimes watching lecture videos…but that was about it.  I wanted to create a way to share active learning techniques with students and encourage them to use these techniques on a regular basis.

What I came up with is attached below.  Based on the idea of a fitness tracker, students can use the document to record a daily score for their academic activities.  The document lists suggested activities (write sample test questions, create an analogy, etc.) and awards points for each.  The total is then automatically calculated for the student.

I will be using this as an entry ticket for quizzes for this semester, but can easily see it used as an assignment, etc. for courses.  I would also love feedback on other active learning categories that could be added.  I would advise faculty not to incentivize scores, as it may create an integrity issue.  However, providing incentive for filling out the document may be helpful in encouraging course participation.

With that said, I have attached my document below.  Enjoy!

A & P Fit

P.S.  If anyone is interested in helping to turn this into a mobile app, please let me know!

One thought on “A & P Fit document

  1. You could add to the list “create a quizlet” on the subject material for the quiz. Or you could post an instructor quizlet and assign to the students to “view the quizlet note cards”. Great idea Troy!

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