Digital Bookmarking by PortaPortal

Never heard of PortaPortal? Though its name is sometimes confused with a port-a-potty; they actually have very little in common except they both store a lot of “crap”. Unlike the port-a-potty (’nuff said), PortaPortal is a server based digital bookmarking tool that stores a ton of crap—digital crap, that is—into a very organized menu; thus keeping your favorite website references at your fingertips. Because PortaPortal is digital it can be accessed from any browser, any computer. Better yet, you can even share it with others—both students and colleagues. I especially find it helpful when I am searching a topic on the Internet. I keep my portal open and as I find a great resource, I enter the link (and it sure beats keeping track of a hundred different sticky notes!) To learn more about this free resource (and an inexpensive option, if like me, you want to ditch the banner adds) read on…  

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