KAHOOT – Fun, Learning, Teaching, Assessment – It’s All That!

Are your student’s phones out in your class? Are they more interested in texting on their phones and looking things up on their phones rather than participating in class? Well, put their technology to work in their learning – Kahoots! Nope, not a sneeze! And nope, nothing to sneeze at! Students LOVE this. They get to use their phones, they get quizzed and find out what they know and don’t know, and the teacher finds out what they know and don’t know as well. It is not only a learning tool, but an instructional tool that faculty can use to reinforce information, or revisit information that their students are not understanding.

How does it work? Easy! Create an account at https://create.kahoot.it/#login?next= and get started creating your Kahoots —- multiple choice quizzes that you can do in class, and students respond using their phones. You can also add images, videos and diagrams to make it even more engaging. In the classroom, students simply login into https://kahoot.it/#/ via their phone, enter the game pin number that comes up when the teacher opens up the game and it is projecting for all to see, then students create a player name, and then let the games begin. After all answer a question, it will show how many selected an answer, and of course how many chose the right answer. It also will show who has the most points using their game name prior to advancing to the next question– students like being competitive to see who is in the lead.

I have to say, of all the things I do in class, students like this the best – they say, “it tests my knowledge”, “it tells me where I need to focus more of my learning”, “it gives me an idea of what test questions will look like”, “it keeps my attention”, and “it’s fun!” I also have to say that I like it, because when I use it, I ask application questions that get at a lot of different concepts…..when students do not get it right, it tells me we need to stop and do some more discussion and learning about that specific content area.

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