Creating Blackboard Banner

I decided to personalize the banner at the top of my blackboard page. I am updating it with a practice exam question for motivation in hopes to get my students to log in more frequently!!  To create a banner using .ppt read further.  To start open PowerPoint to create new. Click design tab. Click slide size, choose on the drop down menu slides created for Banner. I then choose ensure fit as option.  You can then insert text, change theme, add colors.

To save banner, choose file type .gif if using text or clip art and save to a location you will recall. To upload to blackboard, go into control panel of course you wish to add the banner and under customization click on teaching style. Scroll down to select banner and then browse your computer and select your banner file. Go back out to course to view.

3 thoughts on “Creating Blackboard Banner

  1. Rather than an exam question, I have an inspirational quotable quote for my ethics and thinking critically and creatively courses in blackboard:

    Ethics – picture of Martin Luther King Jr. and “The time is always right to do what is right.”

    Thinking critically and creative: “Everything we hear is more opinion than fact, and everything we see is more perception than truth.” Marcus Aurelius

    Hopefully, they are encouraged and challenged by these shakers and movers.

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