On Course Strategy

On the first day of each learning plan in class, provide students with a list of topics/key words to know (or assign ahead of class time). In my case it was medication information for nursing pharmacology. Have students start with different sets of meds so they are not all working on the same. Have half the class be an Eagle, the other half Hawks. Pair students up into an Eagle-Hawk team. In the pair, the students look up med info, compare results, and fill in gaps for each other. Exchange partners several times until all students have their med sheets completed. Give them some class time to work on this. This way students will have these as study sheets and can add notes to them during lecture.  I have done this online as well. I assign students to a group, and then they have to work as a group, or divide the workload at a minimum and post findings on discussion board for others to comment and add to.

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