SmartBoards in the Classroom

Have you ever received the question from a student who wasn’t in class. “What did you cover in class today?” Well, I don’t since I’ve started to use the SmartBoard to save all my class lectures.  Read on to see how I use the SmartBoard. My first step is to create a SmartBoard file that contains all the class materials, PowerPoints, or Excel templates that I will use for that Chapters discussion for each class period.

Once in the classroom, I use the SmartBoard to add handwritten notes on textbook Chapter pages where the sample or lecture notes are coming from.  Or, I can add new information from today’s news that may help to add real-life examples to my class discussion.  Finally, I go through textbook homework examples using the templates provided by the textbook author to help students learn the material.

What’s so nice with the SmartBoard is that it has many pen colors, highlighting and fonts to help show the students the necessary steps to complete the problem.  Also, it is very easy for me to stay in front of the classroom.  This way they can help me complete the questions and problems.  When they make a mistake, I can erase and correct the worksheets or problems that they are working on.  I’m trying to have the students complete the assignments as much as possible.  By doing so, they learn what they need to do when they are on their own.  Before, the students spent the whole class period copying down what I was writing on the white board.  They really never understood why they were doing what they were doing.  I’m not saying that everyone gets it the first time we go through a problem.  But, they have a resource to refer back to use as a guide.

To help with this retention, I export the SmartBoard file to a PDF file for students to review the notes for future test preparation; or if they did miss, they can find out what problems, homework, or assignments were done in the classroom.   With so many of our students who have such busy lives, it becomes critical that they students can get the information from the classroom when and where they have the time to work on their homework.




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