Create an Online Habit

Managing online classes can be a challenge. The student isn’t in front of us; so it is easy to grade what is in “needs grading” and think we are on track.  Last year, I started a Sunday night ritual of reviewing the status of each student in my online classes. This is separate from time allocated for grading and assessment feedback. I log into Blackboard to look at last access date, grades, check for missing work, review discussion board participation, and look them up in Starfish (have I done any flags or kudos? And how are they doing in there other classes). I also double check my email to be sure I am aware of any recent communication from the student. This system keeps me on track and ensures I am timely in my communication with students. I know it works as students thank me for reminders and kudos; and often reply with updates and action plans when they need to get back on track. Maybe my habit will help you?

One thought on “Create an Online Habit

  1. Thanks for sharing your Sunday habits of the mind regarding on-line courses — I say — IBID.

    In addition, my on-line students do appreciate prompt responses, feedback to the students, and the sharing of examples of former students when giving assignments — as one student wrote on an evaluation:

    “I really appreciate the promptness you offer when it comes to grading assignments. I have taking numerous other online courses and never have I had an instructor that was as prompt as you are when it comes to this. I really appreciate this, because it allows for me to see where I am with the class right away and provides me with information if there is anything that I need to improve on.

    I also enjoy reading all the comments that are provided with each assignment. This is something that I also have seen very rarely with my other online assignments.

    One last thing that I really enjoy is how you give examples from past students when it comes to assignments for this class. Often times with online classes it is difficult to understand 100% what the instructor expects from you when it comes to an assignment, but when you provide examples there is never a doubt in my mind what you want and expect from us. Thank you.”

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