Classroom Bunko

A simple activity to keep the learners engaged. Bunko!! Divide students into groups of
four, with two teams of 2 at each table. Create a head table (1) and bottom table (10) with all other tables numbered between. If there are 3 or fewer students left over after creating the groups of four, they form a table referred to as the sideline.retention

For the first round, let the students pick their own teammate and the table where they will sit. After the first round, they won’t be teamed up again.

Start each round by asking a topic relevant question. Each team works together to solve the question and write down their answer. Questions looking for a list of items in a category are easiest to administer, but deep thought questions can also be used.

After a set time limit, have the entire class discuss the possible answers to the question. After the class discussion, have each table’s two teams compare their answers and determine which team has the most complete answer. Ties or disagreements can be settled by the instructor.

The team with the best (most complete) answer moves up one table. The head table winner stays at the head table. The other team moves down one table. The bottom table team, with the least complete answer, moves to the sideline, allowing sideline participants into the activity. If there are no sideline participants, the bottom table team, with the least complete answer, stays at the bottom table. After moving to a new table, team members must now switch partners with the other team at the new table and the next round begins.

Points can be awarded to each round’s winners and losers, so it really doesn’t matter at which table a participant starts or finishes. Points don’t have to be awarded to simple get students moving, engaged with each other, and the entire class.

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