C.A.T.S’s and D.O.G.’s…..

Yes, we’ve all heard of C.A.T.’s, the use of Classroom Assessment Technique, but what are the D.O.G.’s?

Well, glad you ask….the DOG is the animal who chases after the CAT’s. I have entitled the DOG as:

D= Defining

O= Our

G= Goals {the goal of student success in our classes}

What is the “Goal” of C.A.T.’s? Well like most instructional staff we utilize a “Classroom Assessment Technique”, to find out information, what kind of information depends on where and how we use our C.A.T.’s. I use my C.A.T.’s at the end of each module exams to seek information that would help me to help them {my students} with their success. I am truly interested in what my student have to say, what they have questions about, and any needs prior to moving onto the next module. If we don’t ask the questions now….they might be lost at the end.

I title my C.A.T.’s as “Class Exit Ticket”. Each student is given the half sheet of paper, with the specific questions {same ones each module}, and the answers are anonymous. I even let them write the question from their written exam down that they might have concerns about. The only catch to the written exam, is that my exams are randomized and they {the student} needs to write down their name on the sheet so I can answer their exam question in a review.

Along with the “What did you learn today” and the “unanswered questions”, I let them voice any concerns they might have with me as the instructor, the class, teaching assistants, or even NWTC, if they want. I want my class to be an “open book” and I want the student to realize that I am here for them.

Benjamin Franklin wrote:

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

I want to be involved in their learning…..are you involved in your students learning? Be involved…




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