Don’t ask me any questions…..

Have you ever heard this from an instructor, professor, or boss? Well some of our students might have or feel this way when it comes to asking questions before, during or after class. We all know when it comes to asking questions, or concerns about an assignments, that the student is quite shy as they don’t want to bother us, or worst case scenario don’t want to feel STUPID…..Well the best way to assist with this process is with “Peer to Peer” mentoring or as I have titled this: M.A.P.S= “Motivating a Positive Success”

Scared People

I entitled this “Motivating a Positive Success” because I think that is what is will do….and it is a simple task to get students potentially the help they might need without feeling they are imposing on you.

What I do is after the first week of class when I feel the students are comfortable with each other, and have made some friends in class I introduce them to the following information:

  • Have them share e-mail, cell phone number with at least 2-3 people in the class
  • Those students they have shared e-mail, and cell phone with, now have made a contact person
  • These contact people are their personal contacts when they have questions about:
    • assignments
    • discussion boards
    • study group origination for exams
    • personal issues they might not discuss with their instructor
    • mentoring, etc.

Let’s be honest, we all have had those students in class that are very hesitant or shy to come forth and speak to us, the instructional staff for whatever reason, and if we can bridge that gap with the use of fellow students we might make “Success a Positive Motivation” to continue in the persistence and retention in our programs at NWTC.

If you have further questions or comments about the program, please feel free to contact me directly……thanks, Jim.


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